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Truro Colchester Welcome Network

Sports and Recreation

A great way to meet new friends at every age is take part in sports and recreation. These are some opportunities waiting for you in Truro and Colchester County:

  • sports teams
  • fitness groups
  • recreational programs
  • baseball
  • lacrosse
  • basketball
  • rugby
  • curling
  • soccer
  • football
  • softball
  • hockey
  • track and field
  • tennis
  • pickleball
  • skating
  • golf
  • volleyball
  • and others

Municipal Recreation Centres and Services

You can find sports and recreational activities at your local municipal recreation centre. These are great places to do the following things:

  • explore a new activity
  • try a new sport
  • take a fitness class
  • try ice skating
  • learn to swim
  • work out in a gym
  • meet people with similar interests

Depending on the recreation centre, programs may be free or you may have to pay a fee.

Recreation Centres

The following shows where you can find different recreation facilities:

Rath Eastlink Community Centre
arena & pool climbing wall fitness gym walking track

Victoria Park Pool
outdoor pool

Douglas Street Recreation Centre

TAAC Grounds
sports field track playground

Cougar Dome
indoor courts indoor track turf

Truro Tennis Club

Truro Curling Club

Scotia Pool

Don Henderson Memorial Sportsplex

Brookfield Curling Club

West Colchester United Arena

North Shore Recreation Centre

Stewiacke Community Centre
community centre

Other Recreation Sites:

There are many private gyms, fitness, and recreation facilities in the area.

Recreation Departments

Parks and recreation departments offer a wealth of recreation services all year round. You can see some of these services listed by municipality/village/town/Millbrook First Nations.

Town of Truro Parks, Recreation and Culture

The Town of Truro operates facilities, programs, and events.

To find out more, visit

Municipality of the County of Colchester Recreation Services

The Municipality of the County of Colchester offers outdoor recreation facilities, programs, activities and events.

To find out more, visit

To view information on trails, parks and outdoor activities please visit There you can find these guides to outdoor recreation:

  • Get the Blazes Outside Outdoor Guide (Summer)
  • Get the Blazes Outside Winter Guide

Some places have more than one recreation facility on the same site. These are called multi-purpose recreation areas. Bible Hill, Stewiacke and Truro each have one such area.

Village of Bible Hill

The Village of Bible Hill has several outdoor recreation facilities, runs programs, and events.

To find out more, visit

Town of Stewiacke

Stewiacke also offers many outdoor recreation facilities, programs, and events.

To find out more, visit

Millbrook First Nation

Millbrook offers many outdoor recreation facilities, programs, and events.

To find out more, visit

There are many places to be active outdoors in Truro and Colchester County. These include the following:

  • ball fields
  • bike and skate parks
  • parks
  • basketball and tennis courts
  • dog parks
  • playgrounds
  • trails

Support for Sport

If you think that you cannot afford to get involved in sports, these are some organizations that can help you:

Jumpstart and KidSport

These organizations provide funding for children and youth to take part in sports. To learn more about these programs and to see if your family qualifies for this support, contact the Town of Truro or the Municipality of the County of Colchester.

To find out more, visit and

Bikes 4 Kids

Bikes 4 Kids collects and repairs gently used bikes. They then give them to children and youth so they can experience the joy of owning their own bike.

To find out more, visit

Equipment Loan Programs

Several organizations have programs that let you borrow sports equipment. Sometimes the equipment is free. Sometimes you may have to pay a small fee. This is the kind of equipment you can borrow:

  • bikes
  • nordic walking poles
  • cross country skis
  • snowshoes

In the summer months, many municipalities provide play boxes in some of their parks. These are full of equipment for games, sports, and activities taking place within the park.

Bible Hill Equipment Loan Program

Municipality of Colchester Equipment Loan Program

Stewiacke Equipment Loan Program

Town of Truro Equipment Loan Program


There are many organizations for sports in Truro and Colchester County. To find out more, visit

Fundy Connect

Fundy Connect is an online database for things to do in the Fundy region of Nova Scotia. Visit and choose from these topics:

  • for all abilities
  • community arts/culture
  • facilities
  • parks
  • trails

Or search by keyword.