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Emergency Services


Call 911 only in emergencies. That means as soon as you think someone’s life, safety, or property is in danger. Help will be sent right away. You don’t need a SIM card. Mobile phones in Canada can call 911 without one. 911 has access to interpreters of more than 170 languages. Ask for the language you need.

Calling 911 gets you to these emergency services:

Emergency Health Services (EHS), Ambulances

If you have a medical emergency and need immediate help, an ambulance and paramedics will come to you. When they reach you, they will do these things:

  • assess your medical need
  • give you emergency treatment on the spot if needed
  • take you to the hospital if needed

Fire Services

Your local fire department will send fire trucks and firefighters to put out the fire. If there is a fire in your location, everyone must leave the area and wait in a safe place. Do not go back into the building until the fire service says it is safe.

Police Services

Police will come if your safety or property are in danger. The Truro Police Service serves the Town of Truro. The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) serves Colchester County outside Truro.

What To Do When You Call 911

When you call, stay calm. Give the following information:

  • your name
  • the address of the emergency. Include the name of the town or city
  • your phone number
  • the reason for your call

Colchester Ground Search and Rescue

The search and rescue team is a group of volunteers who are trained to find people who are lost in the wilderness. The team is also trained in first aid. They can stabilize an injured person and get them safely to the appropriate medical care.

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