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Buying a Vehicle

You need 2 things to be allowed to buy a vehicle in Nova Scotia:

  • a valid driver’s licence
  • automobile insurance


By law, you must insure your vehicle in Nova Scotia. This insurance will help you if you are in an accident, or if your vehicle is stolen or damaged.

Where to Buy Your Vehicle

There are many places to buy a vehicle in Truro and Colchester County. These are the different kinds of vehicle sellers:

  • dealerships that sell new and used vehicles
  • dealerships that only sell used vehicles
  • individuals selling their own cars on websites like Kijiji and Facebook marketplace

Rebates for Electric Vehicles

Nova Scotia offers rebates for 3 kinds of electric vehicles:

  • fully electric vehicles, also called EVs or BEVs
  • hybrid vehicles, also called HEVs
  • plug-in hybrid vehicles, also called PHEVs

To find out more, visit

Registering Your Vehicle

Once you have your vehicle, you must register it and get a license plate. To do this, you must visit Access Nova Scotia. To find the location nearest you, visit